Testing Tool

Remote recruitment tool



The client asked us to create a tool to support remote recruitment.

The main functionality of this solution was to be remote testing of candidates. This tool allowed the candidates to complete the recruitment test remotely, whenever and wherever they wanted.

At that time, such tools were not available on the market, and the idea of full remote recruitment was very innovative.

Process flow

In June 2013, we started working on the project with talks with the client representative responsible for recruitment.

We discussed the critical points of the remote testing process and the risks that this form of testing might cause.

After two weeks, we returned to the client with a vision of the application that:

  • is 100% web-based (does not require installation on a computer),
  • is compatible with most browsers,
  • requires the candidate to access the Internet,
  • is protected against cheating (downloading),
  • is intuitive for both the recruiter and the candidate,
  • does not force the candidate to register to take the test.

After re-examining and discussing our ideas, we started working on the project.

We carried out Front-End and Back-End work almost simultaneously.

Duration of the project

Start: June 2013

End: February 2014

Technology stack

Java, Struts, Hibernate, PostrgeSQL

Project scope

Design, implementation of frontend and backend layer.

Time and Material settlement.

The software development team

The team consisted of one Front-End Developer, two Back-End Developers and one Product Manager.

The final result

In less than eight months, we created a web application with a friendly and intuitive interface, which allowed candidates to do recruitment test without inviting them to the company’s headquarters.

The tool made it possible to easily configure the test and assign it to a selected candidate. The candidate could take the test remotely, and the only requirement was an internet connection.

The application was compatible with the most popular browsers: Firefox, Opera, Chrome.

Main functionalities for the recruiter:

  • upload and delete an uploaded test (solved or unresolved),
  • editing the uploaded test (adding questions, setting test passing thresholds, editing the time spent on doing the test),
  • adding new tests (open and closed questions),
  • test printout,
  • preview and printout of the resolved test result.

Main functionalities for the candidate:

  • the ability to edit the answer,
  • possibility to return to the previous answer,
  • a watch that shows how much time left to the end of the test,
  • the ability to preview the test result,
  • the ability to do the test at any time.


  • the ability to test a candidate from anywhere in the world,
  • shortening the recruitment process (there is no need to match the recruiter’s calendar with the candidate’s calendar),
  • web application, no software installation on the computer is required,
  • results available immediately after the candidate completes the test,
  • access to the application/results at any time.

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