IT services outsourcing

Are you seeking specialized experts to help your team and improve your applications?
Outsourcing IT services may be the solution for you.

What is IT service outsourcing?

Outsourcing IT services is a flexible response to increased project needs.

Thanks to it, you can complete even the most advanced projects without hiring new employees.

If, at some stage, you need to gain a specific competence, experience, or simply processing capacity, this service will be the solution.

Outsourcing of IT competencies

An attractive solution for IT companies that:

They are constantly developing their software but do not want to increase employment.

They want to create projects faster, optimizing the time and cost of their creation.

They need to start working on the project quickly but need more employees.

They want to respond flexibly to customer needs and market situations.

They want to gain access to expert know-how without long-term recruitment processes.

Benefit from our expertise

Since 2005, we have been outsourcing the IT competencies of our specialists. Some of our clients have been with us since the beginning of our activity.


IT process outsourcing is for your company

Have you won a contract to create a project, but it is time-limited?

Save time recruiting the right specialists. We will provide specialists with competencies crucial to the project’s success. What’s more, you don’t have to hire them. When the team finishes the project, you don’t have to worry about layoffs or ensuring your employees continue to work.

Do you have a big project to complete and need to fill the gaps in your programming team quickly?

If the project will last longer than a year, choose long-term support.

Thanks to this:

  • You will fill competence gaps in your team,
  • The project will start immediately without wasting time on employee training.

Flexible rules of cooperation

Off-site specialists – it would help if you expanded your team’s competencies, but you cannot place new employees in the office. Our specialists will implement the project remotely or from the Infolet office.


On-site specialists – do you prefer your employees to be able to develop the project together with our specialists and learn from them during their daily work? Such cooperation is also possible. Let’s talk about the details! Write to

Would you like to know more about outsourcing IT services?

Benefits of IT process outsourcing

You can outsource part of the project if your team needs more competencies. Access to know-how is almost immediate. You don’t waste time and money on training full-time employees.

It is lowering employment costs. This service does not involve hiring new employees, so it does not increase labor or accounting costs.

Access to knowledge and experience from other companies and projects thanks to external programmers.

Your team can get a fresh look at the problem in the project. Hiring external IT specialists provides a new perspective to full-time employees, allowing them to approach a project or challenge from a different angle.

There is a shorter implementation time for the entire project. The optimal number of specialists in their field can significantly shorten the software development time.

There is no need to build new infrastructure or extend the existing one.

No office costs (utility costs, water, or coffee).

Shorter recruitment time. Get fast access to IT experts (programmers, quality assurance, and project managers).

No additional staff costs.

There is no need to maintain design continuity for the hired specialist.

Strengthen your employees' competencies.

Use the experience gained in projects in the following industries: automotive, fintech, telecommunications, travel, hospitality, and cybersecurity. Use entire teams or individual specialists (e.g. Project Managers or Scrum Masters).

Our specialists

  • programmers including Java, C++, .NET, Python,
  • quality assurance testers/engineers
  • designers/architects/UX/UI specialists
  • network and system administrators (cloud solutions experts)
  • scrum masters
  • technical writers

What issues will we discuss during the conversation about outsourcing IT competencies

so that the cooperation is successful?

Competencies that your team lacks to implement the project. Knowing what your team needs is essential to not waste the budget on acquiring competencies already in the company.

Scope of duties and responsibilities that our experts will have. It is essential to have this knowledge when finalizing the project. Each team member should know the project vision and clearly understand the project stages and who is responsible for what. Additionally, it is crucial when settling the project.

Method and principles of communication. Regular contact is vital in an off-site model where the expert is not physically present in the organization. Communicating regarding projects via a specific tool to keep the external expert current is good practice.

Time to implement the project we support. Specific time frames allow a more accurate estimate of the resources needed to complete the project.

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