Your mind
is our business

Most often, we are looking for specialists








software testers

network and system administrators

What can you expect from us?

We realize that we are not a company for everyone. If you want to work with us, you simply have to like people.

We want to work with professionals, but they must also be fun people to be around.

Be prepared that once you join us you will most likely gain new acquaintances with whom you will want to spend time after work.
We invite one another to birthday parties, housewarming parties, baby showers, or weddings… 😊

We like to share knowledge and this is why we have set up a YouTube channel where we conduct, apart from the #lifeatInfolet section – a technology section – #infolettech. Besides this, we conduct workshops or free IT training courses for students. 
We support small and larger undertakings, such as meetups, conferences, or workshops.
We are sponsors, participants, and lecturers.


Flexibility in our operations and approach to solving both professional and private problems. We are always seeking agreement.


We are honest with our customers, employees, and competition. We do not promise anything that we are not able to deliver.


We are building strong and long-term business relationships with Customers and our Employees. Some of them have been working with us almost from the beginning of the company’s existence. Many others are coming back as our Customers.


Transparency is essential to building a healthy business relationship between Employees and Employer.


We respect other people, we listen to them carefully, support them and help them. We run our business ethically and we are responsible for our employees.


We like to have fun at work. Our employees appreciate the “human face” of our company and the friendly work environment.

We are working hard, but we also have fun in the process. We like to celebrate, and one of our traditions is celebrating birthdays and work anniversaries.

Sometimes we meet on a weekend, but usually, it is because of an integration event in which we want you to take part along with your families or we are doing something for charity (e.g. Poland Business Run or the Noble Package (Szlachetna Paczka)).

Friday breakfasts 🍳

From the beginning of the company’s existence, every (working) Friday we have had breakfast together. Since 2005, egg salad has been the top favorite on the table, in various configurations (each employee has a different idea on how to serve such a simple dish). By adding fresh bread (sometimes baked by our talented colleagues), vegetables, and luncheon meats, we get a full-value breakfast that enables us to start the weekend full of energy.

Carnival party 🎭

Every year a different lead theme allows us to exhibit creativity in masquerading. And our employees are capable of surprises 😊 ”Poland over the centuries”, ”Prosperity”, ”The 80s”, ”Superheroes” or ”Sweet, salty, and spicy” are some of the themes that have allowed us to transform ourselves into completely different persons from the ones we are in our everyday lives.

Additionally, we try to meet regularly during less official outings, such as for pizza or bowling.

We offer

Private medical care for you and your family (in Cracow alone you have access to more than 80 facilities)

Life insurance policy

Ability to work remotely on selected projects

Opportunity to take part in industry conferences and training courses

Relocation Package

Multisport Package

Innovative projects

Integration events

For students

„Coffee? Tea? At our company you are making it only for yourself”

Do you know that 7/10

of our interns continue working with us having completed their internships?

And all of them continue their professional career successfully.

Sounds interesting?

Do you need an internship?

If you are a college student and are looking for IT (as a software developer/tester or administrator), HR (as a recruiter), or marketing (e.g. as a graphics engineer, copywriter, or social media specialist) internships, contact us by sending your CV to stating ”Internships (Praktyki)” as the subject + the field in which you would like to develop professionally.

We will contact you on a priority basis as soon as the internship recruitment process starts.

In exchange for your:

  • Commitment, willingness to learn, readiness to take up challenges, and openness
  • A serious approach and responsible execution of tasks
  • A sense of humor

We offer:

  • Participation in real projects (IT, recruitment, marketing)
  • Flexible working hours
  • Compensation
  • Opportunity to learn from specialists with many years of experience in the given field
  • Subject matter support and partner-like treatment (relationships)
  • Delicious coffee, tea, and whatever else you find in our cupboards, as well as the legendary 😉 Friday breakfasts together
  • Great atmosphere and participation in company events


The more questions you ask, the more you know

  • We present the details of the offer by phone or email, and then we invite you to an interview over the phone/video conference/meeting. We adapt to your availability.
  • During the interview you have an opportunity to present your skills and experience. Sometimes we ask you to solve a test or problem. All during a single meeting!
  • We always inform you about the result of the meeting and the subsequent stages of the process on the customer side. We try to give you specific feedback on your performance during the interview.
  • If you are hired, we will meet not only to sign the agreement but also as part of the onboarding meeting during which, while having good coffee, we will tell you how to navigate our internal Infolet ecosystem:)

Learn about our offers and apply via the website or directly to the offer coordinator conducting the specific process.

If you have not found an offer that would be interesting for you, write to us (by email or via our social media – FB, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn), and we will try to find an offer for you.

We know that a decision to change the place of residence involves enormous stress and is simply very taxing. Many of our employees have gone through it.

Therefore, to ease this process, we have prepared a special Cracow Relocation Package (Krakowski Pakiet Relokacyjny) in which we describe, step by step, how we will help you move and what Cracow, as your new place of residence, has in store for you. Click here to get more information!

You are our employee or you may simply root for us on our growth path (yes, we do have such fans) and you would like to recommend your friend to work for us. Excellent, we are happy to see you appreciate us as an employer and trust us. If your friend starts working for us, you will be rewarded with a cash bonus. If you want to find out the details – click here and read our short set of rules for the Infolet Recommendation Program.

Flexibility is one of our values characteristic for us and this is why it is up to you to decide which form of cooperation to opt for.

Apart from a traditional labor agreement, we may cooperate based on the B2B model. Great if you are already a registered business. However, if you have not tried this form of cooperation yet, but you would like to give it a shot, we will help you walk through the whole process, step by step, and we will provide our support whenever you need it.

We set the date of the onboarding meeting in consultation with you. We like to hold meetings involving several persons, as this is an excellent opportunity (also for you) to get to know new people right away. However, 1-to-1 meetings are not something uncommon for us and if you prefer such encounters, simply let us know. We want the onboarding process to be comfortable for you and not generate additional stress.

While having coffee (or tea) we complete the formalities (unless the agreement has been signed earlier) and we move on to provide you the key information about the company. You will receive a handful of information required to efficiently navigate our Infolet matrix.

Your workplace depends on the project you will be working on. It will either be our office on Miłkowski street in Cracow or, if you are assigned to external projects, you will be working at our customers’ offices.

To be up to date with what is going on in our company, we encourage you to follow us on social media. We are active on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

We approach everyone individually, this is a great advantage as we are not a corporation. If you want to work for us, simply contact us and we will talk about cooperation options.

The answer to this question is ”it depends” 😊.

We know that the decision to take part in company integration events very often involves a prior conversation with your other half, which may be uncomfortable at times. Therefore, when we organize an event to which we invite people to come with a date, we always provide such information in the invitation message. One such event is our carnival party. When we go to a typical integration meeting (a quick beer, pizza, or bowling), we spend time with our group. But if this were to cause problems in a relationship – you may come with your other half, just let us know ahead of time so that we can make an additional reservation 😉

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