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Are you looking for outstanding IT talents but don’t have enough time or experience in effective recruitment?

Professional recruitment of IT specialists

Do you want to increase employment but need employees who could quickly and effectively recruit IT specialists? Or do you want to save your budget by testing various ineffective candidate sources?

We offer an IT specialist recruitment service that you can take benefit of. We have been doing this since 2005.

IT recruitment – we do it well.

IT recruitment is our speciality.

We have a vast network of contacts, a database of candidates built over the years, a referral system, and a well-trained team of experienced recruiters specializing in IT.

We know where to find the best specialists and how to do it quickly and effectively.

We comprehend the business and customer requirements and value time as much as anyone else. After all, time is money.

Why Infolet?


We understand the unique needs and challenges of recruiting IT specialists.

Contact network

Our recruiters are experts in the field of IT recruitment. They have been cultivating their brands and establishing networks of contacts with IT professionals for several years. This lets Infolet recruiters reach passive candidates faster and more effectively. We have an active, constantly updated database of contacts in technology and IT (currently nearly 10,000 IT specialists). Their experience allows us to reach the best candidates, often private on the labor market.


We understand that every company is different. Therefore, before we start cooperation, we will thoroughly discuss the needs of your project and select recruitment activities that will guarantee finding IT specialists who will perfectly fit your company.

Our methodology

Our recruitment service relies on proven methods and the latest trends in the field of IT recruitment. We use analytical tools, conduct in-depth job interviews, and carefully check candidates’ skills to provide you with only the best IT specialists.


If you are interested in working with us and want to learn more about our recruitment service, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We are ready to support you in finding IT talents who will contribute to the success of your business.

Save resources on recruitment!

Let us handle your IT recruitment needs while you focus on growing your company.

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Recruitment of IT specialists via Infolet

What are the benefits of choosing Infolet for recruitment? Here are the most significant ones:

You don’t need to hire an IT recruiter.

Recruiting IT specialists is complex. Candidates are passive; reaching them requires skills and appropriate communication. Our recruiters have many years of experience in the IT industry. They regularly take part in workshops and training that improve their knowledge not only of recruitment methods but, above all, of technology, programming languages, and the specifics of new positions. By entrusting us with recruitment, you do not spend time or money on hiring an IT recruiter and do not incur staff costs.

Save your time by reviewing applications only from suitable candidates.

We select and recommend several candidates (usually three or four) who meet your requirements. Among them, you choose the one with whom you “get along” best.

Save your time and money by not using ineffective activities.

Are you considering advertising, attending a job fair, or seeking out specialists?

You can take many actions to recruit an IT specialist, but how do you choose the most effective and fastest one? At Infolet, we know how and where to look! We know for which recruitment it is worth publishing an advertisement (and where it is best to do it) and for which positions we need to conduct a direct search, launch a network of contacts, or use other, less standard activities.

We care about the image of your company.

Each candidate receives feedback from us. Candidates perceive the lack of feedback after the recruitment process significantly negatively. By entrusting us with the recruitment process, you do not have to worry that you will have to provide feedback to each candidate – we do it for you.

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