Flexibility in operations,
permanent values

We translate our local experience into our Business Partners’ global growth

Who are we?

We came into being in 2005, at the time when information on service outsourcing, as a solution that may bring benefits to any company, only just began to appear in Poland. We have been an active player in the IT market, both in Cracow, as well as in Poland, ever since. We participate in industry events, as well as organize such events ourselves.

We specialize in software development, but we also have experience in outsourcing IT professionals, as well as in the Build-Operate-Transfer model.

Why were
we formed?

To enable Polish companies to grow faster, by using services that used to be solely within the reach of giant companies. On the other hand, foreign companies were able to expand thanks to our local experience, gaining the operational flexibility and cost optimization they desired.
We translate our local experience into our Business Partners’ global growth

From the very beginning, our operations have been developed based on the same values. They are embedded in our DNA and are visible in our, both global as well as individual, business approaches.


The most important among them is flexibility. The IT industry is a very dynamic sector and, had it not been for our flexibility and meeting companies’ needs, we would not have survived until now. Flexibility is displayed in our services for companies, in job offers for candidates or employment models for personnel. We were Agile before it became fashionable.


We are a company that is developing strong and long-term business relationships with customers. Long-term cooperation is the result of our hard work on the quality of the services we provide. Customers appreciate the fact that we make every endeavor to ensure that our software development or team leasing projects are implemented with the highest quality.

We are building long-term relationships with our personnel. Some of them have been working with us almost from the beginning of the company’s existence, while many others, who we parted ways with, are coming back to us as our customers.


We are honest with our customers, employees, and competition. We do not promise anything that we are not able to deliver. We do not cheat. We act as per prior agreement. Such an approach is appreciated by customers and personnel as they come back to us with new collaboration proposals or recommend our services to other companies.


One may say we are pioneers in terms of job offer transparency – already as far back as 2014 we decided to disclose compensation. It was unheard of in Poland at that time. Since then, unless we are obligated under special agreements (see above), we disclose such information already in the job offer.

Respect and understanding
of others’ needs

make us flexible in activities undertaken and creative when solving problems. As far as it is possible, we do our best to adapt, negotiate and make such arrangements that each party could be satisfied. We are of the opinion that there are actually very few issues that cannot be solved through a peaceful dialogue.


We make every endeavor to ensure that our services are of the highest quality, but we also like to have fun in the process.

See who is working for us:

Marek Flaga


Irena Flaga

HR & Payroll Manager

Katarzyna Bodziony

Business Development Manager

Justyna Zub

Contractor Business Partner

Natalia Husarz

Recruitment Manager


Marketing Manager

Olga Bratoń

Immigration Lawyer

We are conducting responsible business operations
because we believe that good deeds come back


We share knowledge, which is the greatest asset, by taking part in conferences, meetups, or training courses.

As a company operating in the fastest-growing sector, where wages are several to several dozen times higher than the national average, we do not forget about people who are not doing so well. We have been supporting the Noble Package (Szlachetna Paczka) campaign since 2011, and we run in the Poland Business Run.

We take care of our planet – we introduced waste segregation much earlier than it became mandatory.

Many years ago, we resigned from purchasing one-time-use advertising gadgets, made of non-recyclable materials or with no practical use.

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