What is team leasing?

Team leasing of specialists to the team usually means short-term cooperation for the duration of the project or its part. Experts properly selected by the intermediary bring the necessary scope of competence and skills to the company, saving the need for recruitment or permanent maintenance of positions. What benefits do IT specialists acquired in this model give the company?
Katarzyna Bodziony

Teamleasing or project outsourcing?

Delivering a project may sometimes require a larger team with higher or more diverse skills than the company. One solution is to conduct a series of recruitment processes in search of suitable candidates – but this takes a lot of time and consumes significant financial resources. Team leasing does not have this disadvantage. IT specialists acquired thanks to it join the team much faster, bringing to it many new skills and additional computing power.

For many companies, full or partial outsourcing of tasks can be a tempting option. Hiring an external contractor relieves the company of the need to maintain the infrastructure, which is perfect when there is no possibility to expand the team or hardware resources. If the company has such an opportunity, it is worth considering team leasing. External IT specialists delegated to perform specific tasks become part of the company for a while, bringing their skills and using its resources.

Teamleasing – body leasing of an entire team of specialists?

Body leasing is a frequently chosen form of cooperation, in which the agent associates a company looking for appropriate competencies with an employee who has them. Their cooperation may be limited by the time or the scope of a specific task, which gives both parties a lot of freedom. The employer saves on the costs and time of recruitment – whether conducted independently or by an external agency. Almost immediately, he acquires a proven expert ready to work in the company.

Leasingteam offers similar opportunities, but instead of one specialist, more specialists join the team. This solution brings several advantages. Firstly, a well-coordinated team, proven in other projects, can work together more effectively; secondly, the intermediary can choose the set of skills that IT specialists have in a joint team, ideally suited to the client’s requirements.

Is teamleasing the perfect way to recruit specialists to your team?

The popularity of body leasing may prove that a single recruitment process is an unnecessary burden and slows down the company’s operation. Of course, many companies decide to permanently employ at least the core of the team, but the specificity of the project often requires the quick acquisition of additional employees with appropriate skills, knowledge, and experience. However, since they will not necessarily be necessary for the company in the long run, it is worth betting on a leasing team.

It is enough for the company to indicate the required competencies to the intermediary, and the appropriate team will be immediately selected and delegated to work. In the case of newly hired employees, the leasingteam can start performing the tasks entrusted to it faster. Thanks to the members’ experience gained from cooperation with other enterprises, it is also easier to find oneself in a new organization. This makes team leasing often an optimal solution for both parties.

Team leasing - opinions and examples of implementation

It is no coincidence that more and more companies are opting for team leasing. The opinions that this form of cooperation collects from IT specialists and enterprises confirm that in many cases it is the optimal form of cooperation beneficial to both parties. Teamleasing ensures better cost optimization and faster acquisition of experts than traditional forms of employment (e.g. full-time employment). IT professionals, in turn, benefit from the opportunity to gain experience in various organizations and no downtime without tasks that match their skills.

A perfect example of the effectiveness of cooperation and the fact that team leasing does not have to be a temporary solution is our cooperation with Sabre Poland. As part of it, over two hundred specialists were delegated, who make up a leasingteam with diverse competencies. Every company implementing projects and looking for competent employees for them can take advantage of the opportunities offered by team leasing.


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