What is Build Operate Transfer service about

and why it can work for your company?
Katarzyna Bodziony

Do you consider transferring part of your business operation to Poland? Are you looking for flexibility, cost reduction, or there is a deficiency of IT specialists in your country?

If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes”, read about our Build-Operate-Transfer service.

Build-Operate-Transfer is a solution dedicated to companies located abroad, who are considering nearshoring or already have decided to transfer a part of their operation to Poland or open a new branch but are afraid of setting up issues.

What exactly is this Build-Operate-Transfer Model?

Shortly, you can describe it like this:

designated company (e.g: Infolet):

  • Builds – it builds and starts your business here in Poland. It can assist you (the company) in finding, leasing, and organizing offices (furnishing, equipment, infrastructure, etc). And the most important part – building teams of qualified IT professionals to make your company:
  • Operates – step by step. The first project is kicking off, and the designated company is still supporting you (the company) in administration, human resources, etc. They should represent your company in institutions and offices concerning tax and legal issues, as long as you are ready to:
  • Transfers – establishes a company legal entity and hires employees.

This is your choice of what part of the service and assistance does your company needs.

Are you wondering why it is worth investing in Poland?

Poland constantly stays to be an interesting market for foreign (European) companies because of:

  • Short distance flights

Poland, as a central European country, with direct, short, and affordable flight connections to the majority of European capital cities, with no travel restrictions, is a great option when you need a quick face-to-face meeting with the whole team.

  • Time zone and cultural connectivity – easier to manage operations

It is easier to manage operations when the population of chosen country speaks a foreign language, as it gives the possibility to build an effective and easy-to-cooperate environment.  Almost 67% of Poles declare knowledge of one foreign language.  What is more, we share the same values, and in daily work even when some cultural differences appear, they are easy to explain and to be accepted.

  • You get access to one of the best talent pools of IT specialists in the world

Highly qualified engineers have been occupying top spots in international rankings for many years. Over 2 million students, including more than 225000 in engineering, IT, or mathematics are also the argument to mention. Building top-notch, highly qualified teams are quick to achieve and effective.

  • Cost efficiency

Last but not least Poland still gives a possibility of cost reduction. Polish market gives you the best software developers for reasonable and fair prices, and I believe none of the IT companies would like to risk low quality just to save money. In the long term, it is never a true saving.

But office rental prices, equipment, facilities, and administration incentives are, and give a reason to choose Poland for a new brand/office location.

Build Operate Transfer - how it works in practice

We, Infolet, have been operating in the IT business since 2005.

In 2012 we implemented a new service – Build Operate and Transfer, and we have some success stories that may inspire you to become our next Build-Operate-Transfer client.

To show how it works, let me present you with some cases.

Build-Operate-Transfer - Schibsted Tech Poland

The first contact was in October 2011.

After a few rounds of talks and visiting our office in Krakow, we agreed on the conditions of cooperation. We started to act in November 2011. Our ambitious goal was to have the first developers on board in January 2012.

The first step of the recruitment process was to recognize all needs and requirements.

Both sides focused on the right communication. We had a few meetings with company representatives to gain a broad view before we started the recruitment process for Schibsted. As we gathered all the crucial information, the process started.

We conducted a few stages of the recruitment process for candidates, including interviews and tests to confirm their technical skills, English communication, and motivation. We focused on personality as well.

The final part of the recruitment process was a face-to-face meeting, with Schibsted managers.

In the first stage, Infolet hired IT specialists and delegated them to work for Schibsted.

Our Client decided to use the „try and hire” model. The contract with IT specialists was signed for a minimum of six months as probation. After this period the company hired programmers and software engineers permanently.

The team worked in Infolet premises until the company finalized the new office rental.

In the first stage of the Build-Operate-Transfer cooperation, we recruited and hired 17 employees for Schibsted Tech Polska.

Mostly PHP/Java Developers with strong experience in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and databases and familiar with Agile software development.

After the company grew bigger, our service was modified for recruitment only.

The success lay in a great understanding of the Client’s needs and plans.

We were acting not like a Client and a Vendor, but we target fo common aim – to build an efficient team that would be able to take over projects from the mother company and run it independently.

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Build-Operate-Trasfer - telenor|digital

Among others, it is worth mentioning an ongoing project that we started last year and is successfully continuing throughout 2020.

We started to speak to the company in May 2019. Likewise, there have been several rounds of meetings, discussions, and getting to know each other better.

The company decided to start a business on their premises, so we were partially involved in choosing the real estate agency, office visiting, etc.

The recruitment process started in September 2019, and in the second week of October, the first Senior Java Developer has been on board. Well planned and performed recruitment process went smoothly throughout the next months.

Currently, the team consists of 8 developers, specializing mainly in Java or/and front-end technologies.

We are representing telenor|digital in cooperation with other suppliers, for example, a travel agency that organizes business trips. We are acting on behalf of the company organizing events, ordering marketing gadgets, posting job offers, and building an employer’s brand on the Kraków market.

At the moment, with a tight and efficient partnership, we build a team of software developers within the telenor|digital organization.

Our Client is eligible for taking over IT specialists, but there is no such decision yet.


Why telenor|digital has chosen Poland as a location and us (Infolet) for cooperation?

Verified high level of Polish IT specialists, a comfortable flight connection between cities, and above that an example of well prepared and carried out BOT project performed by our company were crucial for decisionmakers.


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Why Build-Operate-Transfer with Infolet can be an option for your company?

With the Build-Operate-Transfer service, Infolet can assist the company in various fields, depending on their needs and plans. Our strong experience, as well as an elastic and understanding approach, gives our Clients reliable support and space for their own autonomous decisions. The basis of this model’s success is above all clear and open communication.

If your company considers nearshoring, but the process seems to be complicated, absorbing our service would give you the possibility to focus on what you do best – software development.

We will assist you in all other matters.


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Do you still hesitate if the build-operate-transfer service is suitable for your company?
Write to me Katarzyna Bodziony (sales@infolet.pl) – I’ll help you make the best decision for your business!

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