We have been implementing
nearshoring and offshoring projects
since 2012

We offer this solution to companies located abroad or at another site in Poland, which are considering or have decided to: transfer a part of their operations to Poland or open a new branch.

Our offer includes:

  • Finding and leasing an office
  • Organizing the office – furnishing, equipment, Internet links, infrastructure, etc.
  • Building teams of qualified IT professionals
  • Administrative and human resources support
  • Representing the company in institutions and offices concerning tax and legal issues.

The model presented was developed and successfully implemented during cooperation with Scandinavian and German companies.

Why Poland is a good choice?

Easy access

center of Europe, direct air connections with the majority of European capitals


neutrality and stable political situation

Widespread knowledge

of foreign languages among people at the production age

Educated personnel

Polish engineers have been occupying top spots in international rankings for many years. 2 million students, including more than 225 000 in IT engineering, mathematics, and statistics faculties.

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