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Outsourcing IT services is becoming more and more popular. This service has many advantages, and companies using it see noticeable benefits. How do you choose an IT service provider to support the company’s development?

In this article, we write:

  • What are the benefits of using the services of an outsourcing company?
  • What aspects should you pay attention to when choosing an outsourcing company?
  • When may outsourcing IT services be unprofitable?
  • Why is outsourcing IT services a strategic decision?

What is IT service outsourcing?

Outsourcing IT services is one of the business strategies. It involves starting cooperation with an external company and outsourcing specific tasks to it.

What can you outsource?

Each company is different and has different core business and other needs. Companies outsource tasks that are not crucial to their business. Companies use external services when a given need arises so rarely in the company that it is not profitable to employ permanent employees.

The most common outsourcing is:

  • IT systems administration
  • Human resources and recruitment
  • Bookkeeping
  • Cleaning and security of office spaces

What are the benefits of using the services of an outsourcing company?

Enterprises establishing cooperation in the field of outsourcing services experience many benefits. Companies that outsource IT services most often mention:

  • Reduction of operating costs. Outsourcing prevents you from investing in developing and maintaining internal IT departments and teams. The company uses external consultants and pays only for the service. In this situation, no employee costs are necessary when we employ IT specialists within the organization.
  • The company focuses on its core competencies. Thanks to outsourcing, companies focus on the most essential business processes. By not dispersing your resources on side topics, efficiency increases, and business processes accelerate.
  • Access to specialist know-how. Thanks to external specialists, companies have access to qualified IT experts. There is no need to incur financial and time costs for training or recruitment processes of new employees.
  • Process flexibility. Outsourcing allows you to adapt IT resources to the company’s current needs flexibly. If there is a need to quickly scale the company’s activities, using the IT services of an external company allows for faster adaptation to the requirements of business reality.
  • You are minimizing technological risk. When you delegate some IT-related processes to an external company, you transfer the responsibility for proper IT infrastructure maintenance and updates.
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What aspects are essential when choosing an IT service outsourcing company?

When deciding to outsource IT services, it is worth analyzing the supplier’s specific attributes. The following nine aspects are the most important. However, their weight will undoubtedly vary depending on the preferences and needs of particular enterprises.

  1. Experience and references. The history of the outsourcing company and its many years of experience may prove stability and proven solutions.
  2. Technical competence. The company should have appropriate technical competencies in line with the needs. Staff should have current certificates and experience in business-critical areas.
  3. Data safety. The outsourcing company should employ state-of-the-art information security practices and comply with privacy and personal data protection regulations.
  4. Scalability of services. An outsourcing company should flexibly adapt its services to the client’s changing needs. Scalability is essential to minimize disruptions as your business grows.
  5. Quality of customer service. Good contact with the outsourcing company is crucial. Consultants should be available, respond to emerging needs, and have established customer service procedures.
  6. Location. The company’s area providing IT outsourcing services may be necessary for a specific company. The company should sometimes be in the same country or a similar time zone.
  7. Cost transparency. Financial transparency will help avoid unpleasant surprises in the future. Clear information about the costs of services is a crucial factor influencing the decision to cooperate.
  8. Technological development. An outsourcing company that is up to date with the latest solutions and cares about the professional development of its consultants can provide services at a higher level. Customers will also have access to modern solutions through cooperation with such a company.
  9. Customers opinion. The opinions of other clients of an outsourcing company are significant. Such opinions are an excellent source of feedback on the quality of services and support.

When may outsourcing IT services be unprofitable?

In articles about outsourcing, you can usually read about its advantages and what benefits it can bring to the company. However, it is worth mentioning that there are situations in which outsourcing will be unprofitable.

  1. Lack of control over processes. If it is not possible to control activities related to the provision of IT services, there may be problems with regulatory compliance or quality management.
  2. Lack of flexibility. Outsourcing will only be effective if the service provider quickly responds to the company’s business needs.
  3. No data security policy. If the outsourcing company does not have appropriate procedures for data security, it may result in the disclosure of confidential information.
  4. There are significant cultural differences. Using an outsourcing company from a culturally distant country may cause language, communication, and time problems. As a result, it may negatively affect the effectiveness of cooperation.
  5. Advanced needs. Finding the right supplier may take time and effort if a company has advanced needs. The company could hire a specialist or train its employees during this time.

Why is outsourcing IT services a strategic decision?

The company should treat cooperating with an IT outsourcing as their development strategy.

A good service provider can significantly impact business development by helping to achieve business goals. Choosing the right supplier should be thoughtful and responsible. Before you sign the contract, it is worth considering what roles can be separated and what activities should remain within the company. The effects of this decision affect not only internal procedures, processes, and employees but also often affect customers.

Appropriate preparation of the company for cooperation in the field of outsourcing IT services is crucial. By consciously choosing a partner for outsourcing IT services, you minimize the risk of failure of the entire process.

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