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PL/SQL Developer

Nr ref. (93/06)

Kraków (małopolskie)

Supporting our Partner from financial sector we are looking for PL/SQL Developer.

Job description

As an PL/SQL Developer you will be working consistently with new, leading technologies. You will work closely with the Team Lead and various other leads to code and develop based on the requirements provided by the Business Analysts. PL/SQL Developer will be using advanced technologies such as Oracle 12c on Exadata Machine X5-8. For more information please contact Paulina Oprych: paulina.oprych[at]


  • Opportunities to grow your expertise, take on new challenges, and reinvent yourself—without leaving the firm;
  • Direct access to clients, information and experts across all business areas around the world;
  • A collaborative environment that enables you to step outside your role to add value wherever you can;
  • High-quality benefits program emphasizing good health, financial security, and peace of mind;
  • Rewarding work with the flexibility to enjoy personal and family experiences at every career stage;
  • A culture of inclusion that values each employee’s unique perspective;
  • Volunteer opportunities to give back to your community and help transform the lives of others.


  • Expert in SQL/PL SQL;
  • Database concepts, good database design knowledge & modelling basics;
  • Complex PL/SQL like Collections, Bulk Collect, Pipeline Function, Global Temp Table;
  • Ability to optimize SQL and PL/SQL stored procedures, identify performance bottlenecks;
  • Indexing knowledge, partitioning, compression;
  • Writing reports/data extracts for huge amount of data;
  • Good understanding of development life cycle;
  • Shell Scripting Knowledge, ability to work in Unix environment.

Additional requirements

  • Experience with financial industry reporting.