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Database Oracle Administrator

Nr ref. (02/256)

Kraków (małopolskie)

For our Partner, international company in Krakow, we are looking for a Database Oracle Adminitrator.

Job description

The main duty on this position will be writing SQL queries,designing database structures for new app features and reviewing those designed by developers (tables, columns etc. ). Working as a Database Oracle Administrator you will  help solving stability and performance problems between the application and the database. Seting up databases for new customer implementation and performing cutover data migrations are significant part of duties. This work includes regularly look at performance reports from prod for catching potential performance problems. Moreover you will manage database structure and code versions and create DB standards and coding conventions. Additionally, you will introduce, implement,manage mechanisms of database code versioning and  work with Database Operations Team. For more information please contact Kinga Baran: kinga.baran[at]



  • Possibility to develop skills and gain new qualifications with the latest technologies.
  • Possibility to attend internal and external trainings.
  • International work environment.
  • The budget for this position is between 12 000 - 16 500 PLN and depends on the chosen form of the agreement (standard work agreement or B2B).
  • Relocation package (4500 PLN total value), paid in three installments (1500 PLN per month).
  • Extended medical care (over 80 medical facilities in Kraków) for you and your family.
  • Multisport Benefit card.
  • Home office option (up to 8 days, after adaptation period).
  • High standard facilities, kitchen or easy access to food-courts or restaurants.
  • Comfortable location, easy access by public transport, parking for bicycles.


  • Experience in database analysis, development and reporting minimum 3 years of experience.
  • Working knowledge of XDB and MDSYS.
  • Strong understanding of database concepts including normalization, optimization.
  • Working knowledge of Oracle including stored procedures, triggers, index optimization, backup and recovery .
  • Ability to design, write or re-engineer database scripts to enhance functionality of system.
  • Ability to establish standards for configuring databases and monitor adherence.
  • Experienced at installing and configuring database management software, translating database design and diagnosing database performance issues.
  • Possibility to solve problems quickly.
  • Unix/Linux experience on user level is a must.

Additional requirements

  • Knowledge of MySQL, SQLite, Pro*C
  • Experience with Spring/Hibernate and extracting stored procedures into Java code.
  • Understanding of Web Servers (Apache, nginx ) and PHP .
  • Experience with profilers, debuggers, monitoring and diagnostic.
  • Python or other dynamic languages programming skills.