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Infolet on the TikTok platform

TikTok as a platform for communication with candidates (not only Gen Z)
Katarzyna Kulas-Kurek

Thursday, June 20, 2024, will be remembered for a long time. That day, during the HR Dream Team competition gala, we received an award for the “TikTok as a platform for communication with candidates (not only Gen Z)” project.

This distinction is unique for us because the project concerns a controversial platform that is perceived as “for kids”, for dancing and infantile or even dangerous content. We know the risks associated with this platform, especially for very young people.

So why did we decide to create a profile on this platform? What did we have to pay attention to at the beginning of our presence on TikTok? What surprised us after half a year of using the tool? How do we assess the business feasibility of this decision?

You will find answers to these and other questions in the article below. We invite you to read!

Why TikTok?

Infolet operates in the IT industry, where Generation Z and passive candidates dominate the labour market.

Existing communication channels, such as the Career tab, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram, must be revised.

We were looking for new communication channels. With its growing popularity among young users, TikTok seemed an attractive solution.

How did we prepare to run the account?

The idea appeared in October 2022.

We started by analyzing reports on the popularity of individual social media in our selected target group. The next step was to define goals and success measures. This information made preparing a strategy for the company’s presence and image-building on this platform easier. We have also prepared an action plan for the next three months. We purchased the equipment needed for recording. We built a team that was to be responsible for running the channel. The last stage was to develop topics and prepare scripts for the films.

The profile launched in November 2022.

Difficult beginnings of being a creator

We started publishing. Even though we planned to spend three months testing and learning the platform, we wanted more than the results after a month. Everything was going according to plan, but this was not the pace at which we tried to develop the account. We decided to use the help of a TikTok expert, Agata Papis-Maniecka. The two-day training gave us a solid foundation for running a company profile. This moment was groundbreaking. We introduced the changes developed during the training, and the results were quick.

The most significant changes implemented after the training:

  • Regular publications
  • Mixing video topics – image-related, funny, educational
  • Using popular trends to convey information about the company
  • Create a publication schedule – planned at least two weeks in advance
  • Publication of informational and educational films about recruitment and career opportunities in the IT industry
  • Showing actual company employees in recordings

Has creating content on TikTok paid off?

One of Infolet’s goals for its presence on TikTok was to reach people from the IT industry, aged 20-25, with information about the company. After half a year, we already had reliable statistical results—we achieved our goal 100%.

Moreover, after substantive publications that helped in career development, our audience grew in the 25-35 age group.

The video views increased from 10,000 at the end of December 2022 to 1 million 180 thousand views at the end of December 2023.

The estimated advertising equivalent (AVE) was over PLN 121,000 in 2023.


Can TikTok be a CSR tool?

TikTok and CSR in one sentence? Isn’t that mutually exclusive? After over a year of presence on this platform, our experience shows that it can be an excellent tool for supporting CSR activities.


At Infolet, we emphasize sharing knowledge. We educate our recipients through e-books, lectures, and participation in university events. Social media, especially TikTok, has proven to be a great way to convey career-related educational content.

Topics that are popular among users include:

  • What should I pay attention to when writing a CV?
  • Should I add a photo?
  • How to present a break in employment?
  • How to answer complex questions during a recruitment interview?

Moreover, the audience generates further questions, which we try to answer in subsequent recordings.

This shows the great demand for valuable content, even on an app created for entertainment.

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TikTok is a platform whose users value authenticity and directness. Our films are full of humour and valuable advice and show actual Infolet employees and our imperfect office. Thanks to this, we build relationships with recipients who trust and value our content. They often write in private messages that, thanks to our advice, they got a job or negotiated a raise more confidently.

Thanks to this project, the company increased its visibility and established direct contact with candidates, offering them valuable content and support in recruitment.

The account continuously evolves and significantly benefits the company’s image.

What is the HR Dream Team?

HR Dream Team is an award given to the most interesting, boldest and most influential projects implemented by HR/EB teams in companies.

A company can get awards in five categories:

  • Effective and friendly recruitment of candidates
  • Talent development in the organization
  • Organizational culture and employee engagement
  • Strengthening the involvement of IT teams
  • Wellbeing and work-life balance

This is Infolet’s second award. In 2016, we received this distinction in the Candidate experience category for the project “Improving Candidate Experience through Transparency of Remuneration in Advertisements.” Want to know more? Read our case HR Dream Team 2016

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