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Services for business

Since 2005, we have been specializing in outsourcing IT professionals. We effectively support our Clients in their development by providing their organizations with key resources and competences.

  • Outsourcing IT

    Outsourcing IT

  • Build-Operate-Transfer


  • HR Services

    HR Services

IT Specialist Outsourcing

Contractors employed at Infolet join the existing team at the Client’s company. It is a full service that includes the recruitment and, employment of appropriate specialists, and then HR and administrative service support.

Complete teams built upon the Client’s request

This solution is for companies which need to implement a new project quickly and efficiently. On the basis of the Client’s requirements, we build a complete team with competences matching the project profile and the Client’s needs.

Teams working in Infolet offices

In order to take full advantage of the benefits of outsourcing, we offer solutions involving collaboration with a full team working from our offices. This enables the Client to outsource part or an entire project without the need to cover recruitment, employment and maintenance costs related to integrating the team in its internal structures.

Software Development

We execute mobile projects and web applications. We are flexible in choosing the technologies as well as methodology of the project, and the conditions of cooperation are agreed during the first meetings.


Professional recruitment process

  • Our recruitment team consists of people with many years of experience in IT recruitment projects.
  • Candidates are sourced through direct search and cooperation with the major job sites, participation in job fairs, conferences, and meetings of industry specialists.
  • The in-house application tracking system. Thanks to it, we know which candidate to contact at which time and at which stage of the career path the candidate is.
  • Candidates appreciate our professional approach and that we provide them only with suited offers and feedback. This improves not only the image of Infolet, but also of our Clients.

Employee-related HR, accounting, and administrative services

  • We are responsible for all of the services related to the formal aspects of employment, including negotiations concerning the contract and remuneration, payment of employee taxes, settling working time, creating payrolls, and filling out annual personal income tax declarations for employees.
  • We manage the other obligations of the employer, such as solving employee problems (grievances) or preventing employee turnover.
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One of the major benefits of cooperation based on outsourcing is flexibility. When a project is finished or if costs need to be cut, the Client may, at any time, resign from the services of subcontractors. This does not entail any of the problems employers face with regular employment agreements (notice periods, compensations, labor courts).


In our actions, we follow the idea of effectively supporting the Client and providing top quality services. We have developed a number of solutions that enable us to provide services in a solid and secure way.

  • Code of Conduct
  • Non-disclosure Agreement
  • Information Security Policy
  • Insurance

This solution is addressed to companies located abroad or elsewhere in Poland, which are considering or have decided to:

  • Relocate part of their business to Poland or to open a new branch office
  • Establish a nearshoring/offshoring team.

Our offer is a comprehensive one, including:

  • Finding and renting office space
  • Organising the work of the office – equipment, fittings, internet connection, infrastructure, etc.
  • Building teams of highly qualified IT specialists
  • Administrative and HR support
  • Representing the company before institutions and state offices with respect to tax and legal matters

The first stage of our collaboration involves identifying the detailed expectations of the Client. During the implementation of the project, we are constantly in touch with them, always emphasizing the need to accurately grasp their needs. The entire procedure necessary to open a new branch office for the Client takes approximately 8-12 weeks.

This model has been developed and successfully implemented in our work with Scandinavian and German companies.


Why Poland?

  • Easy access - the center of Europe, international airports
  • Security - a member of the European Union and many other global organizations providing
  • Neutral and stable political situation
  • Common knowledge of foreign languages
  • Low operating costs, competitive prices, encouraging labor costs
  • Educated staff - 2,000,000 students, including more than 225,000 fields of engineering, information technology, mathematics and statistics. Polish students for many years occupy leading positions in international IT competitions.

HR Outsourcing

  • IT Recruitment
  • Organisation of dedicated training programmes (IT and soft skills),
  • Organisational design and development – including the design of work places and building particular roles in projects,
  • Remuneration systems design and construction,
  • Performance management support,
  • Outplacement support,
  • Employer branding.

Our human resources services include:

  • Keeping individual employee files,
  • Creating payroll records,
  • Salary calculations,
  • Adjusting HR documents to the company’s profile,
  • Building timesheet settlement systems,
  • Developing work rules and regulations (concerning the organisation, work and salaries),
  • Preparing annual tax returns for employees,
  • Drafting notification documents to be filed with the Social Security Institution (ZUS),
  • Preparing monthly reports and statements for the Client.


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