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We promote transparency of salaries, and so we post salary ranges with all our job postings. Since 2014, we have promoted this idea among Business Partners.

We offer

  • Private healthcare package (for you and your family)
  • An option to take a life insurance policy
  • A Multisport Benefit package
  • A relocation package
  • An opportunity to work on innovative projects
  • Work within an international team
  • An opportunity to attend conferences and training sessions
  • An option to work remotely within certain projects
  • A network of new business contacts through incentive events
  • An induction meeting with good coffee
  • Technical support for those starting their business

How to join us?

See our postings and apply throughout website or just get in touch with our HR team for more details.

We contact everyone who applies with us and give candidates feedback at all stages!

If you have not found any interesting posting, please get in touch with us and we will try to find something for you!

Recruitment steps

We will provide you with details of a job posting in a phone call or via e-mail and then invite you to a phone conversation, a video conference or a meeting. We will adjust to your availability.

During a phone call conversation, you will have an opportunity to present your skills and experience. We might also ask you to take a test or solve a task. All of that during one interview!

We always inform our candidates on the results of meeting and of subsequent steps of the process on our Customer’s part and also seek to provide you with concrete feedback on how you did during the interview.

If you become hired, we will meet not just upon signing your contract but also at an induction meeting. This way, we will get to know each other better :)

How to prepare for an interview?
  • Scrutinize the relevant job ad once again and visit the company’s website to look into its profile and services
  • Think of the projects you have worked on, your responsibilities and technologies used there. Sum up your professional achievements and success cases and think of what you would like to achieve and learn in future
  • Check the location of your interview and how to get there. Arrive 5-10 minutes ahead of schedule. 50 minutes, however, will be way too much!
  • Make good impression: be presentable and smile. If you are unsure of what to dress, see what the company’s dress code is
  • Be polite and focus on facts. Be active in your conversation with the recruiter and bear in mind that it is now that can pose questions about the company;
  • Discuss the notice period and prepare for the finance talk. Even if the salary range had been defined in the job posting, you should be able to articulate your own understanding of it.

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