Team and Body leasing

Motorola Solutions Poland



The first project for Motorola Solutions Polska included the recruitment and body leasing of 30 C ++ programmers. Twenty specialists were to be at the senior level and ten – at the junior level.

Duration of the project

December 2005 – March 2006

March 2006 – now


We started our cooperation in the first days of December 2005.

In the second week of December, we introduced our first candidates to Motorola Project Managers. The first programmers started work in January.

Until the end of March, we hired ten junior programmers and eighteen senior programmers and delegated to work on projects at Motorola.

As Motorola and the hiring managers were very pleased with the cooperation and the employees we provided, we established a long-term partnership with us, which continues to this day.

From March 2006 to now, we have delegated nearly 250 specialists to work on Motorola Solutions Polska projects. Almost 100 people started working on projects in the first year of cooperation.

Project scope

  • Employee recruitment
  • Employment of a specialist and carrying out all activities under the Labor Code (e.g. medical examinations, health and safety training)
  • Conducting onboarding
  • HR and payroll services (salaries, leaves, sick leaves)

The specialists we most often delegate to Motorola projects:

  • C++ Developers 
  • Test Engineers 
  • Technical Writers 
  • Java Developers 
  • C#/.Net Developers 
  • iOS/ Android Developers 
  • Web Developers/Designers 
  • DevOps  
  • Tech Leads 
  • Front-End/ Back-End/ Full-Stack Developers 
  • Protocol Engineers 
  • Cloud Software Engineers 
  • Subscriber Firmware Engineers 
  • Platform Certification Engineers